Ohio Valley Cryptid

The Beast of Grafton

September 17, 2021 Ohio Valley Cryptid Season 1 Episode 1
Ohio Valley Cryptid
The Beast of Grafton
Show Notes

Hello folks! Welcome to our first official episode of Ohio Valley Cryptid! In this one, we talk about the Beast of Grafton, or the Grafton Monster, a little cryptid that bothered a small town in West Virginia. Recently, it's been a bit more well-known because of the video game Fallout 76, but even then how accurate is its portrayal?

Reese's mic is a little goofy sounding in this one, but don't worry, later episodes this is fixed!

Here are some  sources I used while digging up information on this bad boy:

Visionary Living, Inc.. Monsters of West Virginia (p. 14). Stackpole Books. Kindle Edition.




This is the site that seemed to have the original articles:


AND DONT FORGET, you can contact us with any information, comments, etc at contact@ohiovalleycryptid.com

We would LOVE to hear any person al stories, corrections, or anything of the like relating to spooky stuff! It also doesn't have to be local at all.